Friday, August 7, 2009

We Got the Beat

Last weekend we attended a fundraiser 80's BBQ for RPAC (Realtor Political Action Committee). I love the 80's! The decade was fun, bright and filled with totally radical tunes! To think that for 10 years we all woke up and intentionally dressed ourselves as if we had been thrown up on by a pinata. So we couldn't miss the opportunity to dress in bodacious style again.
Should it have bothered me that only a handful of people dressed up and I was surrounded by Realtors and lenders dressed in their normal everyday work clothes? Because it didn't. I had a fantastic time. How could I not when I was with this hunk?

Please note Roland is wearing 4, yes count them, 4 polo shirts with the collars popped. I also think the loafers with no socks and the Risky Business shades were a nice touch.

It turned out to be a great party. They had a taco cart, dunking booth, raffle, silent auction and a live 80's cover band. I was very impressed with the band. They didn't try to make the songs original or different. They just stuck to the versions we all know and love and they sounded fantastic. If you ever need a great 80's cover band I would highly recommend these guys. They even dressed the part.

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