Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Newest Member of Our Household!

No, we did not have a baby. And no, we did not get another dog. Although Roland makes fun of me because every time I see a Humane Society commercial I get emotional and am convinced I must adopt every hungry and/or neglected puppy.

Today my Christmas gift from my honey arrived! A brand new, smooth ceramic surface range/oven. I am excited to say the least. Our old range (may that terrible beast rest in peace) had many issues. If you have ever cooked on a stove with a short in the burner, you can sympathize. Mid-cooking your pan goes cold and you realize the burner has stopped working. Take the pan off the stove, use a hot pad to push the burner into the socket and hope a fresh connection is made before you lose the momentum of whatever you were cooking. Then there was the bottom drawer, where you store the pans. The thing never sat on the rails right so it was always crooked and made a racket anytime you opened it. 1st world problems? Of course. But for someone who loves to cook, this was enough for my sweetheart to take pity on me and surprise me with this beauty on Christmas morning!

Many recipes will be shared. Many hours will be spent cuddling. Okay, maybe not actually cuddling, but I do have a slight crush on this machine. It makes me want to dress up like Donna Reed. Who wants some celebratory cookies?

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